Testimonial – Betty D.

Testimonial – Steven M.

Elaina Vannata

I by chance got to be a patient of Dr. Bak and since then my life has improved so much. No more bags of pain pills and I am only in the beginning stages of treatment. My lower back is sooo much better, working on the neck to get that straight...I'm excited to see more and more improvement! Miss u Doc...

Connie Becker

We were recommended to Dr. Bak for my 14 year old daughter's hip pain related to competitive swimming. We had been seeing a neuro-muscular therapist for the problem and she recommended that we seek Dr. Bak's advice. My husband, daughter and I went for our first consultation and was so impressed with Dr. Bak's approach. Number one, he addressed his questions to our daughter - the one with the injury. That goes a long way in my book that he didn't overlook her and ask us his questions. He did a full assessment and x-rays to try to pinpoint her problems. At the follow-up, again he addressed his findings to our daughter and we were listening. He gave our daughter some exercises and an insert for her shoe to try to alleviate her pain. It is an ongoing process, but we are seeing some positive results.
I appreciate and respect Dr. Bak's knowledge and cutting edge chiropractic care, but the thing I am happiest about is that he respected our daughter enough to treat her like the client she is. He was very frank with her about what needs to be done from here. Our relationship with Dr. Bak and our neuro-muscular therapist has made them quite a team. We are all so thankful to have been referred to Dr. Bak, and look forward to many years of good back health, thanks to his guidance.

Norma Winberry

I have been going to Dr David Bak for about three years now. I have been to five different chiropractors in other cities and he is the best by far. He is always caring and professional. He explains the what and why of the treatment plan so that you can understand what is going on. I feel so much better now than I did when I began seeing Dr Dave. I would highly recommend him to everyone. The staff and the other doctors in the practice are friendly and caring as well.